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DSI Id allows everyone to control and own all the aspects of their identities such as their data, digital assets, documentations, defi portfolios, POAPs, credentials, etc. with a single account across multiple chains. 

DSI Data Network

Verifiable Credentials

User data and information such as passports, bank details, etc. which can be used by developers and Dapp to verify and build solutions for their users.


User’s reputation in terms of Defi, financial history, on-chain and off-chain activities for getting benefits and access to services specifically offered due to their reputational scores and activities.

User Data

On-chain and Off-chai user ID processed data provided to developers and businesses for better user understanding.

What can you
build with DSI

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You can use DSID and Data Network
for general purpose uses for

For Businesses and Enterprise

Compliance in Web3 is difficult.

Enterprises and governments spreading their legs in Web3 and supporting crypto can utilize
our DID and Data infrastructure to verify their users while preserving their privacy and security and maintaining


User’s data and credentials stored on-chain with their DIDs can help businesses build better data driven solutions for their users with cryptocurrencies.


Users can have complete data ownership of their credentials and get access to better services by the platforms using their reputation.


On-chain data bases and credentials provide more secure infrastructure to enterprises in terms of handling sensitive user data.


Enterprises can perform activities such as KYC, AML, User verification, issue user credentials, etc. for more effective compliance.

Users will have

P2P Payment Infrastructure

Send and Receive any crypto from anyone through your ID

Universal Access

Login through your Id anywhere across integrated Web3 and Web2 platforms

Complete Ownership

Have your tokens, NFTs, POAPs and SBTs under a single Id across multiple chains

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